S.T. VALENTIN – international fashion with clear Scandinavian lines…

Numerous oxford shirts have been ironed and several ties and sneakers have been tied since we in 2009 opened S.T. VALENTIN and welcomed people to our humble basement store in Grønnegade, Aarhus with nothing much but a carefully selected assortment and soaring ambitions. Today, S.T VALENTIN is a respected multi-brand store with more than 50 Danish and international brands, a flagship store in Guldsmedegade 23 in Aarhus, and an international web shop with original and editorial content. We want to be more than just a clothing store and thus we have created the parole “What a Man Should Know” which offers style guides, look books, collabs, events, “how to” guides, magazines and most recently a book to portray our take on the modern gentleman, while inspiring sound “gentlemanship”.

In S.T. VALENTIN you will always find a variety of classical essentials, timeless fashion and the newest trends from upcoming and established designers from all over the world.

FAQ on the name S.T. Valentin

Many ask us about the meaning behind our brand name and how to say it properly. The name S.T. VALENTIN comes from the first names of the two founders STeffen and Nikolaj VALENTIN and is thus pronounced S – T – VALENTIN.

Voted “Best in the city” on several occasion

We are proud to have won AOA’s “Best in the city” award three times (2015, 2016, 2018).