Extrafine Merino Roll Neck Knit



The roll neck has always been current and it forms the basis for so many outfits. With thoughts of the 1970s playboy, you can nicely wear a turtleneck under a shirt as an alternative to a t-shirt

- 19,5 micron extrafine Mulesing free merino wool from Baruffa
- Dark grey
- Regular fit
- Turtleneck
- Long sleeves with wide ribbed edge
- Made in Europe
- Hand wash or machine wash on wool program

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Part of our knitting program

It's gotten cold and neither the t-shirt nor the shirt is long enough to keep out the cold. It is difficult to go through a Danish winter without a knit sweater, and it is also one of the most timeless garments in the men's wardrobe. Our extrafine merino roll neck knit is hugely current and works perfectly under a nice coat with a high neck. It is functional, stylish and comfortable.

Over 160 years of experience

The yarn in our knitwear comes from the renowned Italian yarn factory Baruffa and with over 160 years of history, they are world famous for their high quality and their enduring production in Italy. The yarn has fine long fibers that create a completely unique soft and durable yarn. Last but certainly not least, the wool is 100% mulesing free, which equates to animal welfare and high ethics.

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