S.T. VALENTIN is about transparency, reliability and integrity. It is about exceptional products, uncompromising quality and great service. It is about passion, authenticity and a strong community. That has been our commitment since 2008, when we opened our doors for the first time with nothing but a modest selection of carefully selected items and sky-high ambitions.

We have come a long way since then and today, S.T. VALETIN is not just the name of our flagship store in Guldsmedegade Aarhus, it is also the name of our international webshop and of our very own brand through which we design and produce highly unique products. “S.T. VALETIN” derives from the names of our two founding owners, Steffen Larsen & Nikolaj Valentin and it is pronounced S – T – VALENTIN.

Through the years, we have acquired great insight into and experience from the fashion industry – from idea, design and development to production, marketing and sales. We have collaborated and partnered with a broad range of successful international brands, suppliers and specialists and provide today only the finest and best products to our customers.

Our experience, dedication and stamina is your guarantee. As a customer, as well as a business partner. Having endured a financial crisis and a global pandemic, we remain unswayed and determined in our never-ending quest to make a difference for our customers. Our drive and tireless efforts towards this ambition is rooted in strong core values and facilitated by our highly competent and service minded co-workers. Orderliness and innovation are our constant points of orientation and we often receive positive remarks and praise for our accomplishments and initiatives as a store, as a brand and as initiators and promoters. Among others, we received public recognition in 2015, 2016 and 2018 when we received the “City’s Best” award from AOA in Aarhus.

S.T. VALENTIN has become an institution for the modern gentleman. An institution in which we guide, challenge and advice the modern gentleman on how to dress and carry himself anno 2021. Driven by the devise ”What A Man Should Know”, we provide highly unique products, innovative colabs, exciting events, inspiring guides and original editorial content that enlighten, educate and challenge.

Sustainability, Climate & Responsibility

As a responsible company, we are fully aware of the footprint we leave. At S.T. VALENTIN, we wish for future generations to be able to enjoy the planet, life and all its splendor as we have – and hopefully, while being well-dressed doing so. This will however, only be possible if a healthy balance between give and take exists and so we insist to maintain a sustainable approach to our entire value chain – from idea, design and development to production, marketing and sales. Naturally, this includes our own activities, as wells as those of our business partners who, at all times, must comply with the ethical standards and guidelines to which we adhere to as clothing manufactures anno 2021.

In order for us to fulfill our ambition and our promise to deliver exceptional products in a sustainable manner, we insist on committing to a process in which only the best is good enough. Such devotion is evident in our priority of second-to-none quality, applicability and timeless design, since such combination undeniably leads to long-lasting durability and thus less impact on the environment.