From classic gentleman to edgy rock ’n roller.

The Derby shoe is a cornerstone of the S.T. Valentin brand. It is the epitome of classic style but with a relaxed attitude, which makes it a perfect fit for us. The Derby is a classic open lacing shoe, that goes with any wardrobe. It has a long history dating as far back as the 1800s. The simple but versatile concept of the Derby has indeed stood the test of time and is still relevant over two centuries later. And with our new interpretation of this classic style, we have created a timeless, stylish and very comfortable allround shoe. A derby for any purpose. Literally.

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Polos are not just a summer thing

Our lightweight half zip polo shirt is our bid for the polo of the future. We have created a polo that is both classic and technical / functional at the same time. It is made of a breathable and quick-drying cotton blend to achieve a very high level of comfort. We have chosen a zipper instead of the classic button closure to create a contemporary and clean look that you can use all year round.

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Our lightweight polo

Part of our Chelsea boot family

Although chelsea boots are simple, they have had an eventful history. They took their first step in 1851 in Victorian England, by the royal bootmaker Mr J Sparkes-Hall. In the 1960s, a small band called The Beatles made the Chelsea boot world famous. Occasionally, the chelsea boot has left its mark on many people and been the favorite for the cooler weather.

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Our chelsea boots


We have teamed up with Sergei Sviatchenko, one of the world’s leading collage artists and founder of the highly influential fashion project Close Up and Private, to design and craft a limited series of timeless classics for your wardrobe. A universe built upon classic modernism, artwork and Sergei’s unique talent for creating aesthetic surprises that makes you wonder. Welcome.

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