3 mm Snake Chain Necklace



Timeless and cool necklace that completes any look - from gentleman to rock'n roller.

— 925 sterling silver
— 3 mm width
— Subtle pendulum with S.T. VALENTIN-coat of arms at the closing
— Nickel free

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Put it on and forget about it

It's really easy. Simply choose a necklace - put it on and forget about it. A chain really fits everything: a simple t-shirt, under the shirt, in addition to the roll collar - yes just about everything you are wearing right now. The most important thing is that you wear it with quiet confidence and a certain nonchalance. No need to draw attention to the chain - what makes it so appealing is that it is a discreet piece of flair that signals that you have a bit of jazz and excitement inside, even if you do not shout about it.

Specialists since 1978

In order for us to maintain our ambition to deliver exceptional products, we insist on indulging in a process where only the best is good enough. This includes price, materials, quality and durability. All our chains are produced in a factory in Spain which has specialized in the production of silver and gold chains since 1978.

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