8.6 mm Panzer Identity Bracelets



Timeless and cool bracelet that completes any look - from gentleman to rock'n roller.

- 925 sterling silver
- 8.6 mm width
- 22 cm length
- Can be adjusted in size
- Subtle pendulum with S.T. VALENTIN coat of arms at the closing
- Nickel free
  • Pay with Visa, Mastercard and PayPal

Put it on and forget about it

As with the necklace - put it on and forget about it. Again important that you wear it with quiet confidence and a certain nonchalance. A bracelet around the wrist is a great way to add more individuality to an outfit without looking like you are trying too hard. Start with a simple design that will look great when looking under a sleeve.

Specialists since 1978

In order for us to maintain our ambition to deliver exceptional products, we insist on indulging in a process where only the best is good enough. This includes price, materials, quality and durability. All our chains are produced in a factory in Spain which has specialized in the production of silver and gold chains since 1978.

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